Triinu Jõhve

„Practicing yoga and other spiritual practices has helped me get to know myself better and has given me more and more courage to be who I am and do what I love. Certainly, for me, different styles of yoga are also self-expression, which offers an opportunity to develop both physically and mentally, to play, to rejoice, to fly, to feel the limits and to overcome them! It is a great joy to practice yoga and to share it with others.
It's so nice to see how yoga practice brings sparkle to people's eyes."

The founder of Aurora Yoga Studio, Triinu, has passed the Yoga Alliancevinyasa yoga coach training, studiedyin yoga under different teachers and is a certified embodied yin yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance. He has studied and practicedacro yoga both independently and under different teachers in Estonia and abroad. At the moment, Triinu is studying yoga for pregnant women. He has been teaching various yoga classes since the beginning of 2015 for both adults, youth and children.

Before fully immersing herself in the world of yoga, Triinu graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a major in fashion design, worked as a designer in Estonian fashion companies for 7 years, and also taught fashion and art classes in various schools.

"For me, art, design and yoga are very similar in a way - it's a creative process, self-expression and a means to improve the quality of life for yourself and others."

Triinu has also studied Thai massage at the Alar Krautman Health Academy, Reiki, Meta-EFT technique under the guidance of Kreet Rosina and Tron Enger.

With Triina, you will travel in calm yin yoga, active vinyasa and high in the air in playful partner yoga and acroyoga.

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