Fun and Playful

What is Partner and Acroyoga?

Fun, playful and physically active class or a workshop where exercises are practiced in pairs or groups. It is a workout that brings joy and laughter. We combine classical yoga exercises with dynamic and fun acroyoga and relaxing Thai massage.

We start the class with warm-up exercises or fun and social games. After that we focus on learning different acroyoga exercises and sequence. We work through individual positions step by step and adjust the movements according to everyone's comfort and training level. Acroyoga is a mixture of yoga and acrobatics where the partners keep physical contact with each other to stay in positions or to move from one position to another. Exercises are practiced in pairs or groups.

Acroyoga and partner yoga exercises help to build strength throughout your whole body while challenging your balance and trust. You will improve your coordination and flexibility — not to mention communication skills. You learn to connect with your partner and it will be easier to get into deep stretches and relaxing poses with the help of each other.

This class is the perfect opportunity to spend time, laugh and train with your partner or friends and get out of your comfort zone. In our classes we train in pairs as also in groups of three and four. You are welcome to join us alone or bring your partner, friend or family member.

In addition to our instructed lessons we also like to meet up twice a week and play in free-style practices called jams. Jams give you the opportunity to practice what you have already learned or invent new and creative sequences with your fellow acroyogis. Basic knowledge of acroyoga is needed, as no one will be teaching.

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Our acroyoga teachers Triinu and Mariana posing for the 2019 fashion series of Eesti Naine magazine.
Together with our talented Aurora Yoga Studio guests we showed our skills in autumn 2018 in