Mariana Mutso

„Acroyoga found its way into my heart at one of the climbing festivals and since then I have been practicing acroyoga on climbing holidays and on regular basis happening jams. For me acroyoga is a great combination of teamwork, coordination and a variety of physical challenges. Just like in climbing, many elements seem difficult but are actually easy to execute, which makes it very successful experience.”

Mariana is a social person. She works in the field of human resources, which similar to acroyoga needs human communication and cooperation. She has been involved in climbing for over 10 years and she has taught children acroyoga classes and climbing training. Her first contact with acroyoga was more than 5 years ago and since then she has practiced acroyoga on her own and occasionally at festivals and workshops. Mariana is always ready to fly, be the base or the spotter in almost every Aurora Yoga Studio acroyoga class or jam! Mariana and Triinu teach Tuesday night acroyoga classes and together with Krista they teach twice a month child and parent acroyoga workshops.

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