Feel to heal

Have you ever answered a deeply personal question with "I don't know"?

Questions like "How are you?", "How do you feel?", "What do you want?", "Do you prefer this or that?". Have you ever aswered any of these questions either to someone or in your mind with "I don't know"?

If you're anything like me then at least once in your life you have. Maybe even more than you want to admit.

When we really don't know how do we feel, what do we want, which option suits us then in this moment we're disconneceted from our true self.

No one besides you has lived your life, has had your experiences, has ever been you. Only YOU really know what YOU feel, need and want.

I'm just here to remind you of you.

Feel to Heal program is designed to help you reconnect with yourself.

From "I don't know", from pushing away or dening your feelings to connection to your true self.
This program and space can help you to connect with our feelings, release burdening emotions and beliefs behind it. Help you find ways to increase a peace of mind.

Feel to Heal 2

3-week program Feel to Heal is a space for you to reconnect with you.
Feel to Heal consists of 3 modules: 
1. Connection - How do I feel?
2. Emotion - What do I feel?
3. Belief - Why do I feel?

Each module consists of:
  • A zoom call that can be participated either live or via recording.
  • 24/7 access to an online platform that has recodings of practical techniques about each module which you can use whenever you need.
  • Homework - yes, homework. I can guide you, give you the tools, you need to take your power back and implement these practices into your life.
  • Lifelong access to a private facebook support and study group.


Feel to Heal is led by Aurora Yoga Studio's founder, yoga teacher, EFT practitioner, therapy student Triinu Jõhve.


Feel to Heal takes off on Friday the 11.11.22 at 11:11 Estonian time.
Live zoom calls are happening 3 weeks in a row every Friday at the same time (can also be participated via recordings in your own pace).

Whereever you are. It's 100% online.

88€ registration until 4th of November
111€ registration from 5th of November

To book a spot grab a ticket via our online store ➺ HERE

If you'd like to pay via Stebby or Paypal or have any questions please let us know info@aurorayoga.ee