Mai-Liis Kivistik

My philosophy of life is that YOU are your most exciting project. When I started to practice yoga regularly, I quickly realized it helps you to fully connect with your body and find your inner balance.”

Mai-Liis spent half of her life as a competitive dancer, but due to sports injury that was followed by a surgery, she had to rethink her career choices. Instead of studying choreography as planned, she decided to study Information Technology. Not being able to be part of the dance world she started to try different trainings and practices. In 2014 she rediscovered yoga!
Her love for yoga has actually been there since early childhood thanks to her mother, who took her to her first yoga lesson when she was only 8 years old.

Mai-Liis supervises yoga trainings and therapy sessions every week. She says she is a lifelong learner. She has completed numerous courses on yoga, self-management, mindfulness and health both in Estonia and abroad. In addition she has organized various group trainings, health conferences, podcasts and created series of natural cosmetics. Mai-Liis is a certified vinyasa yoga teacher RYT200 and she loves to see how her students discover their abilities while training.

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